National Central of Workers

Design and communication strategic advice for aniversary campaign

In May 2016, the only national workers’ central, the PIT-CNT, requested Círculo Salvo to join a commission for the celebration of its 50th anniversary, in order to strategically advise on the communication and production of the activities that were to take place during the year.

The project began with the normalization of the graphic brand of the Central -widely reinterpreted along the years by members of the Central and unions’ workers-. Such a challenge could only be faced thanks to the standard set by the original work, designed by the renowned Uruguayan artist Manuel Espínola Gómez (1921-2003), author of the distinguishable «rope».

United we make history was the slogan created for this celebration, contemplating the unity as the fundamental patrimony of such a wide and heterogeneous collective (more than 400,000 affiliates), as well as the active validity of an organization that stands for the political power of the workers in the Uruguay.

In addition to the daily involvement in the definition of communication discourses, a graphic line for the campaign’s visual communication was developed: a simple but versatile aesthetic, consensually defined together with the Central authorities, framed more than 15 activities and celebrations. Audiovisual materials were produced (national chain, projections for events and meetings), posters, invitations, press releases, mailings and banners for web and social networks.