Multilateral Investment Fund, IDB Group

Consulting job which included web browsing and the design of internal portal of the MIF Administrative Office

Within the framework of the ever-growing internal demand for information and internal procedures within MIF, in 2013 its Administrative Office proposed the implementation of a safe internal web subsite, with a focus on the user.


Upon completion of the information gathering and analysis stage, Círculo Salvo flew to Washington, DC, in order to meet with heads of divisions, specialists and representatives of the different areas of MIF in person. This allowed us to tell the different audiences apart and to get deeper insight into their needs, difficulties in the relationship with the administrative structure and the use profile of digital spaces. We collected very valuable value information which resulted in a list of recommendations aimed at planning and improving the management of the Office. This opportunity allowed us to define the system requirements and the architecture of the new digital space in a functional map for its future users.


A visual proposal was designed for the portal, considering the aesthetics and the language used in MIF’s internal portal, organising the information with an emphasis on ease of access, particularly aimed at a better understanding of the administrative processes which give rise to a large number of queries. Likewise, a virtual assistant was created for process selection, which guides the user step by step. The information was organised hierarchically according to areas for the Administrative Office staff.


The material that resulted from this research was designed to be developed and implemented in close cooperation with the Uruguayan company Switch, in a new successful joint experience.