Banco Itaú

In-service training courses

Pursuant to the regulations issued by the Central Bank of Uruguay, Uruguayan financial institutions must train their employees on money laundering and financial terrorism. In 2009, Círculo Salvo designed and produced a particularly innovative training package, in close cooperation with e-learning specialists. The outcome was a highly educational set of materials on a subject that is not easy to approach, presented in an original and well-designed format.

In 2013, a new set of materials was developed for training workshops, within the framework of the All for the Client (Todos por el cliente) campaign. Using humour as the vehicle, we produced audiovisual sketches, and interviews to clients and collaborators. The range of materials developed covered areas such as script writing, content checking, shooting the scenes, and graphic media, which were very well received and used in the Bank’s internal work on a central issue.

In 2015, a new digital e-learning course on banking products was designed and developed for new collaborators of Banco Itau. Through a simple yet dynamic design, and a deep work on contents, new members of the bank were instructed and evaluated on products, services and financial and operational infrastructure.