Uruguayan Biotechnology Association

Consulting job for the creation of the brand, development and implementation of a strategic communication plan

In 2011, AUDEBIO underwent an institutional consolidation process, which included the definition of a new public image and positioning actions. It had the support of the Ministry for Industry, Energy, and Mining, through the National Directorate for Crafts, Small and Medium-Sized Companies, in this process.


A diagnostic was carried out at the inception stage, which consisted in an exploration of the needs and aims of the organisation. Círculo Salvo then proceeded to design the organisation’s new visual identity and a basic set of dissemination tools, such as a newsletter and a website (learn more here).



A strategic communication plan was put together within the framework of this institutional communications relaunch. The plan highlighted the strengths of the sector and the client, while it advised on the institutional discourse and potential actions to take, both in terms of internal coherence and public presence.