Amnesty International

Membership campaign

Círculo Salvo has had a long-standing relationship with Amnesty International. In 2008, within the framework of a combination of an institutional policy aimed at attracting members and a specific dissemination strategy, an alternative campaigning model was implemented, targeting the younger audience with the goal of disseminating the role of human rights defenders and their achievements against a positive and encouraging backdrop, which represented a true reformulation of the institution’s somewhat overwhelming discourse. The outcome of this job was the printing of more than 6.000 postcards, which are constantly being reprinted, and which are part of the current campaign to attract young Uruguayans. Its impact has exceeded the different formats (it is currently applied to the organisation’s website and to the merchandising products) as well as frontiers (it has been shared with other sections of the global organisation).

To learn more about the work of Amnesty International across the globe, visit here.