Uruguayan Bank Employee's Union

Two short films and a projection

In May, 2015, Aebu hired Círculo Salvo to create two short films that would represent the project of the institution’s Audiovisual Repository, which has entailed the digitalization of hundreds of documents which had been kept in several different formats for decades.

Círculo Salvo worked to create a storyline which showed relevant moments and important people in the history of Aebu. This was done in close cooperation with Lucía Aljas, who was in charge of the digitalization project as well as the delicate edition of these pieces.

The end result was two short and emotionally charged films, which tell part of the history of this worker’s union, such as Personal memories, collective struggles, as well as some small and big stories of those who have passed through its services such as Always Fellows.

In line with the significance of the event, the films were projected—with the help of Sebastián Alíes—on one of the walls of the emblematic building that houses the institution.

Design of the anniversary publication

Círculo Salvo worked on the celebratory publication for the 70th anniversary of the Uruguayan Bank Employee’s Union. It was an institutional publication showing the milestones in the history of the most important and most advanced union in Uruguay. Our main challenge was finding design solutions for historical materials, and combining the historical narrative with an aesthetics that honoured both the memory and the present.